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Graceful Wing Necklace

Precio de oferta$50.00 USD

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Color:14k Gold

This wing features a graceful shape with a subtle opening in the center, revealing a glimpse of the space beyond. Along the edges of this opening are clusters of tiny, glistening diamonds, each one sparkling with brilliance as they catch the light.

The wing itself is beautifully sculpted, with smooth contours and a sense of weightlessness. Its surface is sleek and polished, enhancing the radiance of the diamonds that are strategically placed along the exposed area. This unique design imbues the wing with an ethereal quality, as if it's a fragment of something truly extraordinary, elevated by the elegance of the sparkling diamonds that adorn its open center.

Materials: 14k Gold Plated/ Sterling Silver 
Pendant : Wings
Color: Sliver /Gold 
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